Amanda Bynes Naked

Welcome fans of Amanda Bynes!  This site will be your best source for naked pictures and videos of this beautiful, young celebrity.  There’s no denying that the star of “All That” and “The Amanda Show” has blossomed into one of the finest-looking pieces of Hollywood ass today.  Although she’s not normally the type to wear skimpy and raunchy clothing like most of the stars in her age bracket nowadays, she still exudes an aura of sexiness that is easily picked up by the men around her.  She’s very tall, standing 5’9”.  Who would have thought that this cute child star would grow up to a height that is above-average even for professional supermodels.  And we all know that being funny is sexy.  Amanda Bynes is funny throughout her career and she is being compared to great female comedic talent like Lucille Ball.  She has a knack for comedic timing that is rare among female talent these days.

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