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Amanda Bynes’ Fucking Spree

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

hot amanda bynes double blowjob

Amanda Bynes took over the role originally portrayed by porn legend/super slut Traci Lords in the musical remake of the movie Hairspray, which also starred Zac Effron. Well now, it seems that’s not the only thing Amanda Bynes took after Traci Lords. Check out these photos wherein Amanda goes on a slut rampage! And all along we thought Amanda Bynes to be the type of girl who gets into long-term relationships, unlike most Hollywood skanks who hop from one bed to another. And boy were we wrong! Well, whatever makes her happy is fine by us, as long as images like these leak out once in a while so that we can enjoy her sexcapades as much she does!

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Look at Amanda hold those two boners with her mouth already dripping with cum in one photo, while in the other, she’s obviously indulging in some hardcore action, with her breasts exposed while her pussy is being filled up by that guy’s dick. Damn, Amanda is so smoking hot!

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A Cum-Spattered Amanda Bynes

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Amanda Bynes is a cute chick, but she’s found something that can make her even cuter.  And that’s a covering of fresh, hot cum on her face!  Now don’t you think she looks even better with a covering of baby batter placed strategically on her blemish-free countenance?  Seriously, I’ve heard that a thin layer of spooge can make a girl’s skin positively glow, and I guess she must’ve heard the same thing because she’s suddenly out there asking for cumshots from her sex partners!

Damn, I wish I was one of those partners!  I’ve been a fan of Amanda’s since her All That days on Nickolodeon, although I like The Amanda Show a lot better! Of course since then, she’s filled out a lot, with nice, perky boobs and a sweet ass.  I bet she’s got a nice, tasty twat too!  Don’t tell me you haven’t thought of banging Amanda Bynes once in a while.  That’s why I head over to Amanda Bynes Naked regularly, because they’ve got the dirtiest photos and nastiest videos of Amanda Bynes out there!  Where else do you think I found these incriminating photos of our favorite gal?

Amanda Bynes rides some lucky stud in this post

Saturday, August 2nd, 2008

There’s nothing funny about this small set of pictures of Amanda Bynes riding some lucky reverse cowgirl style.  The hot, young star has finally shown her hardcore side and gets caught in these steamy fuck pics with an unknown guy.  From the expression on her face, we could see that she’s getting a kick out of this guy’s huge dick as she rides that monster frantically.  It sure does look like she’s having fun and enjoying her fuck session.  Just imagine having her long legs wrapped around you like she does with this guy and it’s enough to make you want to see more, huh?  So I encourage you to do just that.  Check out and feel free to browse through their extensive collection of softcore and hardcore naked images and movies of Amanda Bynes.  The cute little girl you saw in “All That” is now a lusty and smoking-hot woman!

Amanda Bynes spreads her legs like a horny slut

Saturday, August 2nd, 2008

I give you something a little more hardcore than simple naked pictures in this post.  It’s Amanda Bynes, and she’s not sweet and cute in these pictures.  Instead, enjoy looking at her as she spreads her legs wide and plays with her pussy like any normal slut would.  She even plays with her favorite dildo in one pic, shoving that thing deep inside her pussy.  I guess this young comedy star has the sex drive of most celebs her age after all.  I know you’re not used seeing Amanda posing like some pornstar.  But you’ve got to admit that these pictures are hot!  If you like what you see, I urge you to check out Amanda Bynes Naked – where you will get tons more of these kinds of naked photos and videos.  Get that mouse working and download all her stuff whole they’re hot!

Amanda Bynes finally shows her tits and shaved kitty

Saturday, August 2nd, 2008

This post gives your first look into Amanda’s hot, naked body!  Finally, she shows her naughty side as she poses for these raunchy pictures naked.  Remember, she’s not a kid anymore so it’s perfectly alright to lust over her nubile young body.  Somehow, even though she smiles real sweetly, she gives off a certain sexiness that is capable of driving men wild with desire.  And her shaved pussy looks really tasty, doesn’t it?  Also, the third pic shows her in a naught schoolgirl outfit.  Does this mean that she has a kinky side as well, willing to dress up for her man’s fantasies?  Now that would be great!  So now that we’ve seen her totally naked, what can you say?  I say, let’s see more!  Check out her naked pictures and videos only at and simply click the link to be redirected there.  I guarantee that you won’t get disappointed with the collection of hot Amanda Bynes stuff you can download from that site.